Attention, the NIFC FTP Server will be undergoing routine maintenance from 1500 MT to 1600 MT Wednesday 29 June, 2022 and will be unavailable during that time

Welcome to the NIFC FTP Server, an official site for interagency wildland fire incident data and documents.

This ftp service is intended for short-term interagency sharing, not as a file archive or records repository. There shouldn't be anything data that isn't stored in a safer location, or much data that carries over from season to season.

Many people have access to shared folders, so please retain copies of anything you post.

Data backups are not performed on the NIFC FTP Server.

Public Access Folders:

  • Incident Specific Data
  • Base Information
  • CTSP / ITSS Information
  • NIROPS Information
  • Predictive Services Information
  • National BAER Information
  • Getting Started

    To access the FTP site please follow the three steps below. Steps 1 & 2 need to happen concurrently. PLEASE NOTE that we have had many potential users only complete step 1, without following up with step 2. Without step 2, the FAM IT helpdesk cannot assign you roles or access.

    1. You will need a NAP account to upload data or to access most of the areas on this site. To create a NAP account, please follow the directions posted here.
    2. In addition to requesting your NAP account, please contact your GACC representative or Authorizing Official asking them to grant you permission to access the desired directory or folder you need to perform your job. In your email or discussion with your GACC representative or Authorizing Official, be sure to ask them to approve this access and notify the IIA Helpdesk via their IIA-Helpdesk Contact us web page (click the "contact us" link). If you need further assistance, contact the helpdesk direct.
    3. Once you have credentials, you can access using WinSCP, Filezilla, or any number of programs that support FTPS or WebDAV. Access instructions are posted where links are provided. REMINDER: you can't view actual documents in most ftp viewers - download the file and view on your computer using appropriate software. In a an ftp viewer, a file often looks like machine garbage.

    If you have questions and/or comments regarding the use of site, contact:
    IIA Helpdesk
    (866)224-7677 or (616)323-1667
    (616)323-1665 FAX
    IIA Helpdesk via their IIA-Helpdesk Contact us web page (click the "contact us" link)

    Usage Restrictions

    All information that is posted to must be:

    Specific limitations include:

    National Interagency Fire Center
    3833 Development Avenue
    Boise, Idaho 83705-5354
    208 387-5512